HostMonster Coupons Codes: 50% off Coupon, Promo Code 2017

Hostmonster Coupon Codes make prices affordable. Yet, a cheap pricing plan means nothing unless the hosting plan includes the features you need. Luckily, Hostmonster offers an endless amount of features. Even their basic plan is equipped with the right features and specifications to create high maintenance websites.

HostMonster Coupons Codes

When choosing a web host provider there are two main features you need to look for; disk space and bandwidth. It is important to ensure that your web host provider will offer you the amount of space you need. Every Hostmonsterplan includes most of the same features:

  • 200 GB Disk Space
  • 2,000 GB of Bandwidth (per month!)
  • Host unlimited Domains
  • Free Domain name
  • Fantastico
  • 100 MYSQL Databases
  • PHP4 and PHP5 Support (You choose)

The amount of disk space and bandwidth offered by Hostmonster is more than enough space for any website, even those packed with multimedia files. Unlike many other web hosts, Hostmonster offers you an unlimited number of domain names. If you plan on creating more than one website, this is a necessary feature. Hostmonster Coupons can save you a lot of money.

Hostmonster Promo Features

There is new feature that Hostmonster has recently begun to offer. The “Fantastico” is a feature that works with your cPanel. It allows you to install a number of popular web scripts through a simple wizard. If you are planning to run a blog, keep a guest book or an image gallery, this is the perfect feature for you.  “Fantastico” completes the installation process for you.

Ease of Use

HostMonster has gone to the trouble of designing an easy-to-navigate website. When you visit, you wont have a lot of problems figuring out what is available and what you need to do to sign up for the services you want. This is in stark contrast to the layout of some other web hosting company websites, which often appear to be designed for computer programmers.

Helpful Staff

HostMonsters website has a chat feature that enables you to quickly get in contact with customer service representatives that actually seem to know what they are supposed to know. (Unfortunately, a lot of online businesses that use a chat feature on their website fail to train their customer service staff appropriately, making the chat feature less than useful.)

While HostMonsters customer service staff certainly arent perfect, theyre capable of answering most service-related questions, which makes finding out exactly what you need to about HostMonsters services a piece of cake.

Good Deals

HostMonster coupons dont exist, but they still offer pretty competitive pricing. While it might be possible for you to save a small amount of money by going with a different web hosting company, HostMonster has some of the best web hosting deals in the industry.

Getting unlimited bandwidth and the ability to host an unlimited number of domains isnt a problem. The only downside is that HostMonster only offers shared hosting, so if you are looking to avoid shared hosting for some reason, you might be forced to look elsewhere. (For most people, shared hosting is more than adequate, but for some, it isnt quite what they need.)


Too many web hosting companies fail to make it easy for their customers to use popular eCommerce platforms on their websites. If you are an up-and-coming web entrepreneur (or even an established one), it makes sense to use pre-existing eCommerce platforms on your website or websites instead of hiring a programmer to program something for you from scratch. Using ready-made platforms is considerably cheaper.

One of HostMonsters biggest advantages is that they make it a snap to use eCommerce platforms like Prestashop on your website. This will save you a lot of headaches and time that would otherwise be spent trying to get your eCommerce platform to work with your website.

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Especially if you are using your website for business, you want some assurance that it will always be up. While no web hosting company has a flawless track record in this area, HostMonster does have a good one. Host your site on HostMonster and you will be able to be quite confident that it will always be up (as long as you pay your website hosting bills!)

While there really isnt a perfect web hosting company out there, HostMonster has some of the best all-round deals on offer. They are good for both people with basic web hosting needs and experienced web entrepreneurs who need lots of features for affordable prices.


If youve read a Bluehost review, then you might hear some familiar things here. Why? Because Bluehost and HostMonster are the same hosting company. They have the same phone number, address, etc. There are two major differences. First of all, they have different URLs. Secondly, HostMonster seems to like using green in its design, while BlueHost prefers blue. Thats about it.

So, is that a bad thing? Not really because BlueHost and HostMonster are both great companies that deliver on their promises and offer great hosting that most people love. But, is HostMonster the right host for you? Here are the pros and cons that you should know about before making your decision, but most people will agree that HostMonster is a good host that will help your website grow.


Some shared hosts, even great ones, will restrict how many domains you can host on your account. In fact, you might have to upgrade to their second or third level of service (which typically costs $5 or more a month) just to have more than one or two domains at once. HostMonster coopons allows you to host an unlimited number of domains at once. While the word unlimited it typically subjective when it comes to hosting, you can definitely host a good number of domains as long as you dont use too much bandwidth and disk space.

Pricing is amazing. If you just sign up for a year without the HostMonster coupon codes (which results in $6.95 a month), then you can get a whole year of hosting for about $83, which is pretty good. However, the price goes down to $4.95 a month ($3.95 with coupon) if you sign up for three years. This is very inexpensive, and youll get a great amount of resources if you are just starting out.

Speaking of resources, HostMonster also has bigger packages if you need more than unlimited shared hosting for your website. For example, they have Pro hosting, which is somewhat better than regular shared, and you can also get VPS and dedicated hosting if you want. They are all competitively priced, and they are sure to give you enough bandwidth even if you have a huge blog or business.

HostMonster is reliable. Some hosts will disappear out of nowhere for one reason or another, but you dont need to worry about that with HostMonster promo codes. This host has been around for almost 20 years, and there are no signs of it stopping. Youll never have to worry about the host randomly leaving and your website being left in digital limbo.

Instead of forcing you to use some awkward control panel, you are given a standard cPanel installment. While most hosts give you cPanel, its still worth mentioning because this makes hosting a breeze. Instead of trying to figure out a foreign control panel that is difficult to use, cPanel has many tutorials, a great fan base and its definitely the easiest way to manage a website.

Not only that, but there are two unique modules that many users are sure to appreciate. First of all, there is a billing module built right into HostMonsters cPanel. This makes it easy to view and pay your bill on time. There is also a module, and helpful tutorial, for CloudFlare. CloudFlare is primarily a CDN provider that will be your best friend if you have a large website, or if you want to ensure that everyone can load your website as quickly as possible. This makes it much easier to setup a CDN because using an external service is often a real pain.

HostMonster has a strong uptime rating that beats many other great hosts. Its real uptime is around 99.85%, which is actually very good. Most hosts promise 99.9% or higher, but they rarely deliver for one reason or another. Upholding 99.85% is actually quite impressive considering the size of the network, and this ensures that your website will be reader whenever someone tries to access it.

Customer service is domestically based, so youll never have to strain to hear what the support team member is trying to say. This makes it much easier to deal with technical problems because both you and the service member will easily understand each other.


While HostMonster is primarily a great host, there are some cons. Probably one of the worst cons is the billing system. If youve been looking at hosts, then youve probably noticed that most of them offering monthly hosting. HostMonster doesnt have this. Their shortest billing term is every 12 months. You have to pay for a full year of hosting, and you have to pay for it all at once. This wont be too bad at first, but some users forget when their billing time is up, and they dont have enough money set aside for the next year of hosting. Be sure to watch the billing module, and you shouldnt have any problems with this.

HostMonster uses Simple Scripts. This is a script installer that has many common scripts like WordPress and Drupal. While this software is better than some, its definitely outdated. Not only is it missing some of the more modern scripts, but the installing time is fairly slow. Instead of waiting seconds, you might end up waiting minutes for a CMS to install. This isnt the worst program, but its also not the best.

Customer service is great if you have a common billing or technical problem. However, problems arise if you have another issue. You might find that the support team is sending you from one department to another in an attempt to answer your question, but youll just get a headache and no answers.

A Hostmonster Review about Customer Support

Apparently Hostmonster coupon offers more than just secure servers and, affordable prices. Hostmonster reviews portray reviewers’ opinions. Reviewers are raving about the amazing customer support Hostmonster provides. One reviewer in particular shares the details about his experience with Hostmonster.


He claims that the most important aspect behind any good web host provider is the support system.  No matter how many domain names, storage space or bandwidth they offer, if a web host provider is not equipped with a great set of staff members, they are not worth your time.  Before he registers with any host provider he tests their customer support.

His tactic? He simply sends an email with a general hosting question before he signs up. Then he checks the response time and the helpfulness of the reply.  He states that Hostmonster passes the test with flying colours.  A knowledgeabletechnician sent a detailed answer within two hours.

He decided to test them again. This time he used a different method of communication. He decided to phone them with a question.  Hostmonster provides their customers with toll free phone support.  According to the reviewer, the staff were able to answer his question efficiently. Plus they were friendly! He decided to sign on with Hostmonster. He also took advantage of the Hostmonster Coupon Codes.

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