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HostGator Coupon Code:- Hostgator is one of the largest hosting company around since 2002. They have lots of trust among customers as more than 8 million domains are hosted on Hostgator.

There are many reasons behind their success, But the main reason is, They have 100% Uptime with Unlimited Hosting and also they provide coupon codes to their customers to Get Discount Up to 80%. This Months Hostgator Coupon is out. Hurry Up | limited Time Offer Can close at any time.

Latest Hostgator Coupon Codes (2017)

These codes will help you save lots of money, you just need to imply them in your orders. Especially Customers buying Yearly hosting Plan can seriously save lots of cash. So, Always Go for a Yearly package while ordering Hosting at Hostgator. But remember using these Codes carefully. To make it easier for you, below is full Step by Step Guide which will help you get discounts on your orders using these coupons.

How to Claim Your Hostgator Coupon Code?

HostGator Coupon Code

To be Able to Use any of the above-given Code, you need to Visit and Select Any Hosting plan of your Likings. I will advise you to go for Long Term Plans (Minimum 12 months) as it will give you a bigger discount.

Once you select your favorite Plan, you just need to Enter Promo Code and hit Validate Button as shown in the screenshot below.

Note:- Hostgator will Automatically put their Coupon code which will only give you a discount of 20%. So, you need to replace that Promo code with our Coupon as you can see in the Screenshot.

As you can see, a Huge discount amount is deducted from full order. This is 36 Month Baby Hosting Plan, but you can choose according to your needs. But remember a Longer Term plan will get you Bigger Discount via our Promo Codes.

How Much Can You Save With Hostgator Coupon Code 2017?

By using this Host gator coupon code 2017 you can save average $9. Apart from that, you can receive more than $500 of extra free gifts from Host Gator once you purchase Hostgator hosting services. Please find below $500 free HostGator gift package :

  • Free domain transfer
  • Free domain registration
  • $100 Google Adwords offer
  • $100 Yahoo Bing search credit
  • $50 Facebook Advertising credit
  • 1GB of JustCloud storage
  • $100 value of free SiteLock security

 Different Hostgator Hosting Plans:-

Shared:- There will be three Hostings: Hatchling, Baby, and Business. In all three plans, you will be sharing Server with Other Hostgator customers. But still they have 100% up time and I can surely say they have one of the best Shared Hosting. So, you can select any One Plan according to your needs without any hesitation.

Dedicated:- If you want a special server for yourself, you will get a Most reliable plan on Hostgator. This way your site will not go down, no matter how many readers are online at a single time.

VPS:- If you want more customization, you can go with VPS (Virtual Private server) where you can host websites on remote servers.

Reseller:- If you choose Reseller Hosting Plan, you will get many IPs to host your client’s Websites. This way you can earn Money by reselling Hosting Plans to your clients.

Why Choose Hostgator Hosting To Host Your Website?

There are countless reasons which make this Hosting company stand out from the competition. It provides many extraordinary features to their customers. Some of them are given Below.

  • Unlimited Disk Space on All Plans.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth on All Plans.
  • One click WordPress Installation.
  • Unlimited Domains on Baby and Business Plans.
  • 247 Support
  • Instant Backups for all Web sites.
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee (Fast loading Servers)
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts.
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases.
  • Unlimited Email Hosting.
  • All latest cPanel Features.

Top 10 Factors to Consider while Purchasing Web Hosting

Choosing a web hosting company is not always easy. Most of the companies will offer you unlimited resources, support as well as 99% uptime. Nevertheless, there are some factors which should be kept in mind before choosing one. One has to follow and carefully note down what the companies are actually offering. One may face many attractive offers but knowing the actual truth is the key.

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Some important points to keep in mind while purchasing web hosting:

1. Pricing

Most of us choose or compare the web hosting companies by the price they charge. But that should not be the decisive factor. The cheapest may not be the best after all. Many companies charge the low price and we fall for them, but in reality, it is noted that most of them don’t even provide any non-outsourced support and so-called, hardware cost money. You can get various coupon codes for web hosting to redeem your price on hosting.

Also, there are sites which provide you with a range of promotional web hosting coupons which you may love to have a look at. There are many low-cost Linux based Web host providers present in today’s world.

2. Type of Web Hosting

There are different types of Web hosts present in today’s market. There are some specific ones for certain types of customers. So knowing the specialties of that company or their area of focus is important. There are many who want to enlarge their business but they should know that not all of the Web hosts have solutions to that. Some may offer shared plans, while others may have good enterprise solutions. So it’s better to ask the companies: ‘Do you provide what I need the most?’ before choosing one.

3. Technical Specifications

Generally, the price is asked on the basis of many technical factors. The web Host companies who can provide a rich-content site or e-commerce site will normally charge high. A cheap Web host won’t be able to provide the necessary processing power or RAM memory to do the job. Note the facilities provided. Also read the terms and conditions well, do they charge for extra domains or customer support?

4. Customer Support

This is the most important thing to be taken care of. In case of any faults, most of us would like to talk to a live person in order to fix it. So it’s important to look whether they provide a good customer support or not. Many hosts also offer free chatting with live experts while in reality, it’s not always so. Another important thing is whether they offer to outsource support or if they are available 247.

5. Features

Most of us look for only the necessary features. However, it’s also better to know what add-ons the company is providing. Domain privacy or data backup facilities are some of them. Also, many sites take other incentives like energy-saving practices or multiple data centers to supply fast networks.

6. Hardware

Do a bit of research work and know in details what type of hardware or machines the company is using. Since performance is also dependent on the physical parts such as server system, it is good to have knowledge of those things.

7. Reviews

It’s always better to study the customer reviews as it gives a real picture of the particular company’s reputation. It’s good to know what other customers are saying about it.

8. Email Service

Emailing service is recently a strong mode of communication. In case of a spam problem or minor bug problems, an email to know the details may be enough.

9. User Panel Interface

There are always things which you will want to do manually such as setting up email clients, FTP accounts, and managing algorithms. It is helpful to know whether the Web host company is providing you with simplified control panel features which you may handle yourself. chancellor Plesk is the two most common helpful interfaces nowadays. Figure out whether your host provides them or not.

10. Scalability

Select the company or a plan which will not only suit your present needs but also your future ones. Dedicated Server Solutions provide facilities to upgrade your account in future but there are many who don’t provide one. Hosts having VPS facilities are also promising ones. A company should focus on the scalability of their solutions. Otherwise, who would consider it to be a growing one?

Reasons Why You Should Choose HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator Coupon Code

Have you ever thought of creating a blog for you or your business? If so, have you ever approached any experienced professionals regarding the selection of a good web hosting services eh? If you have affirmative answers to both these questions, you do not need an introduction to HostGator Hosting Services, as this company has the first position in such kinds of preference lists. Moreover, HostGator managed to acquire that position through it’s superb as well as a reliable provision of various web-hosting services, including shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server, along with reseller hosting solutions.

Server Performance

According to individual reviews as well as test reports from reputed websites, server performance of HostGator does seem to be exceptional, especially when there is a comparison with those so-called cheap hosting services, which are available in World Wide Web.

You can even compare the capability of HostGator shared server to a starter VPS and it will be able to provide you top-notch performance all the time.

In light of speed tests conducted in several locations, HostGator seems to have a score around 80, which is, of course, higher than that of other web-hosting providers. We do hope this exceptional ability in words of server performance sounds much appealing to you, and chances are high that most of us will HostGator for the site/blog if you love it to have the best performance.

Installation of CMSs & Platforms

Nowadays, even for static websites, we do use Content Management Systems such as WordPress. Not surprisingly, it is not different in the case of blogs either. So, we hope it is important to check out the abilities to install CMSs as well as other platforms on the server.

When it comes to the case of HostGator, this process is quite simple, as HostGator is offering different options to set up your website in a matter of seconds. For instance, if you would like to create a blog under any categories, you can access the QuickInstall scripts section, and click the corresponding script to install that Content Management system in your server.

You have to provide only a few kinds of information such as the domain name, username etc, and the script will do rest of job. In addition to this, you can also find some website-builders in the control panel of HostGator, and we found the site-builder quite impressive. Also, you can get some valuable add-ons, such as 4500 website templates and advertisement credits for Google AdSense, with the service.

Trustiness & Uptime of Servers

We hope none of you would like to see your website/blog in a non-functioning condition! Nevertheless, if HostGator is the web-hosting provider of yours, you will have to hardly face that situation, as the firm offers 99.99% uptime for its servers regardless the type [let it be shared hosting, VPS or dedicated server].

You can ask those, who are using HostGator to power on their websites, and you can notice that 99% of them will have an awesome impression as far as the uptime of server is concerned. The reason is quite simple that HostGator is, rather than letting someone else manage the data center, managing it’s in the data center.

Due to this factor, we can expect the lesser amount of downtime from the server, and currently, the service hosts more than 8 million domain names, which is a great reason to select HostGator from the list. Of course, we found this feature to be quite exceptional, because of the fact we mentioned at the first section of this paragraph.

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Customer Care & Miscellaneous Features

HostGator Inc is a standalone member when it comes to the perspective of customer service using different methods such as live chat. The company boasts an awesome customer care team, which can help you fix almost all issues that you will face while using HostGator. Also, the multiple plans available with HostGator is also impressive, as it can suit different kinds of requirements.

Last Word on HostGator

While considering all aforesaid facts as well as opinions from different users, it is clear that HostGator is one of those best hosting providers you can choose from the list. Yet, we would love to hear your voice regarding the service! Check out for more hosting reviews on Hosting Flows.

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