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Hawkhost was founded in 2004 by Tony Baird and they have five big data centers in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Dallas, Amsterdam and Singapore. They provide Linux web hosting include Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting and Dedicated Server. If this is the first time you hear about Hawkhost you should read this post carefully because you found one of best shared web hosting all over the Worl . If you known about Hawkhost and immediately want purchase their hosting package so will need all the best Hawkhost coupon >> check on the right side, all there.

Back to my review, I will describe why Hawkhost is a quality web hosting that you can trust!


Theyre using most of hottest web hosting technology in their system, thats the reason theyre hottttttt

Quick view

  • Litespeed commercial web server
  • CloudLinux OS
  • Solid State Drive Powered
  • CloudFlare Railgun Optimized
  • MariaDB
  • Multiple Data Centers

WordPress Performance & Optimization Tips

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is How do I speed up my website?. A large majority of these customers rely on WordPress to power their websites. As many of you are aware, WordPress is an extremely flexible platform, able to power sites ranging from a personal blog to a high traffic e-commerce website. Whether youre running a hobby site or a business its important to keep your site tuned up and performing as fast as possible.

Back to the original question, how exactly does one speed up a WordPress installation? There is no single fool proof method, as each installation is unique, but there are a number of steps you can take to cover your bases and make sure youre getting the most out of your site.

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Caching is your friend. Probably your best friend.

I cant tell you how many times weve had customers ready to upgrade to a VPS, or even look at a new platform, before they realized what kind of performance gains they could achieve with a single plugin or code modification on their site. The two most common plugins for caching are W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache. Both are available for installation through your WP admin console. While there are a number of configuration options available within each plugin, the most important aspect is the page caching. Enabling page caching will *drastically* reduce the number of PHP requests youre processing (it caches the requests and serves them statically via HTML instead), and as a direct result the less you rely on PHP the faster your site will be and Hawkhost coupon.

In addition to WordPress caching plugins, we do also strongly recommend utilizing Litespeeds caching via your .htaccess file. We cover the benefits of our Litespeed cache in this blog post. For those of you who dont want to read the whole post, the important takeaway is a WordPress installation using Litespeed cache could perform nearly 337 times faster than a stock WordPress install. And no, thats not a typo, the numbers are that astounding.

Keep your plugins in check.

The last thing you want to do is load up on plugins. I know its tempting, and all those extra features do seem nice (at first), but every plugin you install takes its toll on your overall performance. Dont get me wrong, we definitely recommend you look around at plugins you may want to use and evaluate the benefits/downsides of each. But at the end of the day if youre not using a plugin, or it seems to provide little to no benefit, its best to do away with the plugin and make it ancient history.

Once youve got your plugins installed and youre confident the site is ready, youll want to take a minute and install P3 (plugin performance profiler). What this plugin will do is analyze each of your installed plugins and give you a report about which of them are using the most resources. This is a great tool for identifying what exactly could be slowing down your site, or it may point out a glaring issue with a plugin you didnt really use in the first place.

Use a CDN and compress, compress, compress.

Utilizing a CDN, even a free one like CloudFlare, can have a drastic effect on not only how fast your pages are served, but the resources required to serve them. A major benefit of enabling CloudFlare on your site(s) is distributing a cached version of your (primarily) static files. Files such as javascript, css, and other pages, along with images which rarely change, shouldnt served by the source server (where your site is hosted) for each new request. Thats where CloudFlare comes in. Theyll keep a cached version of your site on their servers, which are always going to be geographically closer to your end users than our servers, and then when a request is made it will be served from their saved version. This greatly reduces load time for your visitors, resulting in a faster website and an overall better browsing experience.

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Choosing the right hosting platform

You can take all the steps in the world to optimize your sites and sometimes its just not enough. Sometimes you need more power under the hood, and thats where an upgrade to a higher tier hosting package comes in. With our hosting, that would be either a semi-dedicated plan or a VPS. Both options offer you more resources (CPU, RAM/memory, disk IO, etc) compared to a regular shared hosting plan, and that may just be the boost your site needs to reach its peak potential. Looking at this another way, if youve already optimized your site the best you can and you still need more resources, that means youre running a very busy and popular website. Thats your ultimate goal, so good work!

Following these steps is a great way to get started with a high performance and scalable WordPress site. Dont forget though, everyones needs are different, so dont be afraid to experiment and find out what combination of enhancements and upgrades works best for you.

1. Litespeed Web Server

Litespeed is a commercial web server running on Linux OS and always working faster up to 9 times compare with normal free Apache2 web server. Using free Apache2 web server will reduce the cost of investment but Apache2 not reliable as Litespeed

2. CloudLinux

CL creates a virtual environment for each individual account on a shared server and allows us to limit the amount of resources any single account can use. Gone are the days of a single account taking up every single CPU on the machine because it wants to. This brings a lot of benefits to the table for both you end users and us as a host.

3. SSD Powered

awkhost using Solid State Drive for their caching disk system. You may read more about their cache at this post

There are more advantages of Hawkhost, if you need to known more about them please browse our menu for other sections.

PHP 7 Now Available on All Hosting Plans

If you have not been following PHP development recently PHP 7 is fast approaching with the first beta having been released just over a month ago. As is tradition here at Hawk Host were always pushing the envelope when it comes to shared web hosting. That is why as of today we officially support PHP 7 even though its currently beta.

The first thing youre wondering is where is PHP 6? The answer is many of the great features we enjoy in PHP today were originally set to be part of PHP 6. Other features had subsequently not made it into any PHP version. To avoid confusion the PHP team have opted to move straight to 7.

There are many reasons to look forward to PHP 7 with the first thing being many of the great new features available:

  • Scalar type declarations
  • Return type declarations
  • Null coalesce operator
  • Spaceship operator
  • Constant arrays using define()
  • Anonymous classes
  • Unicode codepoint escape syntax
  • Closure::call()
  • Filtered unserialize()
  • IntlChar
  • Group use Declarations
  • Generator Return Expressions
  • Generator Delegation
  • Integer Division with intdiv()
  • CSPRNG Functions

That is a quick run down of the new features available which Im sure many of the developers using our hosting are going to quickly make use of. If youre looking for a complete run down with more detailed information you can check out the PHP 7 migration guide new features pages. For many of our users who are not developers, PHP 7 features are really not what youre looking for. Youre more concerned about PHP performance, and the good news is PHP 7 brings significant improvements compared to previous versions.

PHPNG (next generation) was a project that was open source then later merged into PHP 7. Its goal was to optimize PHP drastically and allow for JIT compilers in the future. It has more than doubled performance in many cases. The WordPress hello world page took 9.4 billion CPU instructions to execute in PHP 5.6. With PHP 7 it now only requires 2.6 billion which is a 72% reduction. We recently wrote a post about how you can Super Charge WordPress With Litespeed Cache . We do however understand there are scenarios where its just not possible to do. Well provide benchmarks once again this time comparing PHP 5.6 and PHP 7 in our shared hosting environment:

PHP 5.6

 Time taken for tests:   208.687 seconds Complete requests:      1000 Failed requests:        0 Write errors:           0 Total transferred:      9333000 bytes HTML transferred:       9097000 bytes Requests per second:    4.79 [#/sec] (mean) Time per request:       4173.730 [ms] (mean) Time per request:       208.687 [ms] (mean, across all concurrent requests) Transfer rate:          43.67 [Kbytes/sec] received

PHP 5.6 was only able to handle 4.79 requests a second with one CPU core which is standard on all our shared web hosting accounts.

PHP 7.0

 Time taken for tests:   138.669 seconds Complete requests:      1000 Failed requests:        0 Write errors:           0 Total transferred:      9337000 bytes HTML transferred:       9097000 bytes Requests per second:    7.21 [#/sec] (mean) Time per request:       2773.389 [ms] (mean) Time per request:       138.669 [ms] (mean, across all concurrent requests) Transfer rate:          65.75 [Kbytes/sec] received

Switching to PHP 7 we were able to handle an additional 2.4 requests a second. Its worth noting this is with absolutely no caching and a single CPU core. In a limited test by enabling the OpCache extension in our PHP extension manager in cPanel we were able to improve PHP 5.6 to 22.33 requests a second and PHP 7 to 51.05 requests a second.

With these great new features and performance improvements we do need to stress as of this moment PHP 7 is still in beta and we would not recommend running it on live web sites. If however youre looking to make sure youre compatible for the official release look no further than Hawk Host for that. You can quickly switch to PHP 7 using our select php version option in cPanel and confirm your application is compatible, then switch back to the desired PHP version whatever that may be (5.2 through 5.6).

You will never wrong when choose Hawkhost, this is personal guarantee. Dont forget to use Hawkhost coupon to buy cheaper, they always have life time discount coupon. I will immediately update all the best coupon codes here for you. Because I am a big fan of Hawkhost.

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