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Digitalocean promo code

I hope you landed here by searching for digitalocean coupon code or digital ocean review.I developed this site to help the people who are all searching for digitalocean coupon code or review.I hope you have a basic idea about digitalocean. Before I go up with digitalocean advanced review.I would like to share the latest digital ocean discount coupon which will help you to save dollars on cloud hosting purchase.There is one reason why I am sharing the promo code at the beginning than the review, Some people may have good knowledge on digitalocean and they may be landed here for finding the coupon code, those people may not be interested to read this detailed digitalocean review.

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Hope the coupon codes are working fine, it will be as I am checking the validity of the coupon code regularly.In the following sections, I tried to show you what it digital ocean from my experience.I tried to explain by taking maximum effort and consuming hours.

So let us start here:

Introduction to DigitalOcean

When do you start hearing about digitalocean?While comparing with other cloud web hosting providers, the digitalocean is the newborn kid in the industry which shows the power of real Superman. Digitalocean introduced the cloud hosting into the World back in 2011 with the tagline of Simple cloud hosting, built for developers which comes to a meaningful tagline today.Within 3 years of time, digitalocean is managed to compete with the biggest cloud hosting providers like Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Linode, etc

In the three years of digital ocean’s journey, they managed to hold more than 140000 users with them which totally created more than 1700000 deployments.This is a really great achievement and reflects the quality of service the digitalocean providing.

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The Service you Get from DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean is a cloud web hosting provider who offers unmanaged VPS hosting at the price of a shared web hosting plan. You will be granted with full root access to the VPS server, where you can install the applications which are needed for your website management. Dedicated resources which are allocated to your server make your websites load faster and provides more security.

Digitalocean provides simple service which includes VPS in cloud and DNS management. The dashboard from digitalocean is very simple and you can deploy a server in 55 seconds.

We will go through some of the features of digitalocean cloud hosting

Digital Ocean Provides SSD VPS Hosting

Do you know what makes the difference between SSD and HDD?If you are not aware of this terms, please Google it and find the difference. When coming into the digitalocean cloud hosting, they are offering SSD cloud server which is an average of 10 times faster than the HDD server. This speed will help your website content or applications to deliver 10 times faster than the normal HDD server. Hope you know the relation between the site loading speed and SEO. Google really loves the websites which load faster which will help your website to rank in the top of SERP in the SEO perspective.

DigitalOcean Do KVM Virtualization

There is the number of VPS hosting providers out there, then what makes the digitalocean cloud hosting stand out from them?One of the main reason that digital ocean offers KVM virtualization. If you prefer the other VPS hosting providers features you could see that they are offering OpenVZ virtualization, if they are offering the KVM virtualized VPS servers, then they will be charging a high amount for the KVM virtualized VPS plans.

You may be thinking the difference between KVM and OpenVZ virtualization. Right?I will describe here what is different between both of this virtualization.

The OpenVZ Virtualization will perform on the software level which helps the VPS providers to oversell the service. In one word we can say the OpenVZ virtualization shares the server resources with others. If others are overloading the server, it will intern affect your website performance.

In another hand, KVM virtualization is performing at the hardware level which makes sure the dedicated resources for each and every virtual server. Even if the other users are overloading the server, it will affect their website as it is entirely independent of yours. This dedicated resources will make your website performs well and increases the security level.

Data Center Locations of DigitalOcean

Here digital ocean offers the opportunity to choose your server location, you can select from the different data center locations available such as San Francisco, New York Google’s Building, Amsterdam and recently they started in Singapore.

Bandwidth: DigitalOcean Review

Cloud VPS plan bandwidth starts from 1TB per month.You can start with the basic plan which costs you $5 per month that will give you 1TB bandwidth per month, you can even go with the higher bandwidth plans which are available at digitalocean.The added feature is that all the cloud servers come with 1Gb/sec network interface.

Private Networking: DigitalOcean Review

DO introduce Private networking which enabled the feature of droplets to talk with another droplet in the same data center. This can be used for database replication, file storage and similar host to host communication without additional charge as the traffic sent between these droplets will not be taken into account.

Free DNS

In the cloud VPS from DigitalOcean, you don’t want to install any additional DNS server like BIND or tinyDNS as they are offering free geographically redundant DNS hosting to all customers. This will save resources from your droplet.

Pricing and DigitalOcean Coupon

No other cloud hosting provider can compete with DigitalOcean in the pricing structure and the quality of the service they are providing. The plans at digitalocean start from $5 which is less than the price of the shared hosting plan which most of the shared web hosting provider offers. The basic plan includes 20GB SSD disk space, 512MB memory, 1core processor, a 1TB transfer which is more than enough to run an average blog which is getting few thousands of visitors per day.

The basic plan starts from $5 and the biggest plan(as of writing this review) costs $640/month which includes 64GB memory, 20 core processor, 640GB SSD disk and 9TB transfer.

Get a DigitalOcean Coupon Code

The one more advantage of the pricing structure is that digitalocean is charged for the service you use. They are charged per hour till the monthly cap receives. If you use the server for 672 hours or more in a month, you will be charged the monthly amount price of the plan. If you use the server for less than 672 hours per month then they will calculate the total amount for that and it will help you to save few more bucks.

Digital Ocean Review: Free Dedicated IP address

Irrespective of the plan you purchase from the digitalocean, you will get a free dedicated IP address with the hosting which is not even offered by the web hosting providers who offer shared web hosting plans at a price of $10 per month.

Scalability: Digital Ocean Coupon

The Fast-Resize feature available in the control panel can be used to upgrade the RAM and CPU cores instantly with a small downtime without the need of contacting the support or creating the ticket.You can always allocate more resources whenever you want with the help of few clicks.

Backup of Data in DigitalOcean Cloud Servers

The automatic backup option is an add-on in the cloud, where the digitalocean will take backup of your cloud VPS periodically. This feature is available for a cheap price and which costs $1 per month for the basic package.

The another backup option is taking the snapshot of your droplet manually, which needs a small downtime of your server. The snapshot can be restored at any time to your droplet.

Control Panel: DigitalOcean Promo

DigitalOcean having a simple control panel which can understand and use by any type of users.Though it is a simple one, it is having many features.The control panel having a friendly interface where you can control all your servers.Create, resize, rebuild and snapshot with single clicks from the control panel.

It offers fully HTML5 enabled console makes the use easier on any type of device without the glitch.The two-factor authentication system at digitalocean keeps your account fully protected.

Linux Distributions: DigitalOcean Discount

DigitalOcean cloud supports most of the famous flavors of Linux.which includes Ubuntu, CentOs, Debian, and Fedora.You can choose the Flavor you want a the time of creating the droplet.

One Click Installation Apps

Digital Ocean can install most of your favorite applications on a server in simple clicks. You can choose the applications that want to be installed on the server from the control panel.The one-click installation supported applications are Ruby on Rails, WordPress, LAMP Stack, Docker, Ghost, Dokku, Mean, Redmine, GitLab, Django, and LEMP.

Reliability: DigitalOcean Review

Whenever we purchase a web hosting, the reliability is the most important thing you have to analyze. One may be able to provide the web hosting at the cheap price with the servers which will go offline most of the time. Until unless the servers are not serving the original purpose, all the money we spend on it is a waste.

Digitalocean uptime is really good and they are offering 99.99% uptime. If they can’t meet the SLA, they will credit the equivalent amount to your account as compensation.

DigitalOcean Payment Methods

I already mentioned in this article that the digitalocean having the system of pay as you go. You pay only for what you use. With the other web hosting providers, you are making the payment online and your account will be created instantly and displayed in your dashboard.

Digitalocean coupon code

Unlike other web hosting providers, the sign-up process will take only a few seconds. Anyone can sign up with digitalocean even without purchasing anything or giving your credit card information to them. In the signup screen, you have to just put your email Id and the desired password. Done! Your account is ready and you can sign into your dashboard.

Use DigitalOcean Promo Code and Get Discount on Billing

Unlike other providers, with DO you have to add credit before you create your droplet. Once you load money to your account, you can proceed with creating droplets. DO accept most of the credit, debit cards, and PayPal payments. While you add your payment method, you can claim the digitalocean coupon code to get free credits.

Use Digital Ocean Coupons and Get Free Credits

One of the best thing with the digitalocean is that you can use digitalocean promo codes and another hosting provider bigrock coupon, which will add free credits to your account. This credit can be used to pay your hosting bill at digitalocean. Through this blog, we will share digitalocean coupon codes upon availability. You can always keep an eye on this place to avail maximum digitalocean promo code.

How to Apply Digital Ocean Coupon

The digitalocean coupons or digitalocean promo codes can be applied while you add your payment method. On the bottom of the form, one box is there to add coupons. Once you enter the coupon code it will verify the coupon validity automatically and will show the discount description. The credit can be used once you add the payment method.

DigitalOcean Support Review

Most of them ask the question do digitalocean offer live chat support or phone support? No, digitalocean doesn’t provide both of this type of support. Instead, you can get support through tickets, there are many knowledge articles, customer portal(Community) is available and through IRC channel.

You will face issues with digitalocean very rare and if any issue it happens, the solution will be available online as it based on Linux. Even if you create a support ticket, you will receive the solution within few minutes through email. So there is no need to worry about the support at all.

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How to Create Droplet on DigitalOcean

There is no special instruction required for creating a droplet on digitalocean as it is a straightforward procedure. Do click on the blue color button Create Droplet which is available on the dashboard. The next stage will ask for the hostname and you can select the size of the server from there. The size can be selected as per your requirement. If you are running an average blog or website you can go with the basic package which costs you $5 per month. Later you can upgrade if it is necessary.

In the next step, you have the option to select the VPS location. Currently, there are 6 options available from which you can select any of the location where your VPS will be implemented.

In the final stage of VPS creation on digitalocean, you have to select the image you want, it is up to you which one you have to select. Even there are pre-customized servers in the Application tab which you can choose as per your requirement.

Once you create the droplet, the root password will be emailed to your registered email ID.

DigitalOcean Drawbacks – Why Digital Ocean Service Sucks!

I have gone through many features of digitalocean throughout this article and this is the time to go through the disadvantages of digitalocean web hosting service.

If you go through internet forums or discussion boards, you may see many comments like digitalocean sucks, how digitalocean spoiled my business, why you should not go with digitalocean service. Wherever you go, whatever service you use, there will have some advantages and disadvantages to list.I should list the where digitalocean lags in their service.

Single IP Limited Per server: You cannot assign multiple IP addresses to the same server or droplet. One droplet at digitalocean can have only single IP. So if you are looking for a service who offer multiple IP allocations for single server digital ocean is not the right solution for you and you will say digital ocean service sucks!.

A chance to Loose IP: There is a possibility to lose your existing IP address while you drop and recreate your droplet. This is one of the most difficult situation to manage as it may affect your website performance as you have to change your DNS records. This happens if someone creates a new droplet between the time you drop and recreate the droplet.

No IPv6 Support: and here comes the other reason why you should not go with digitalocean. As of now, digitalocean doesn’t support IPV6 which may result in loss of some traffic which comes from IPV6 even the amount is too low! You have to note here one thing that most of the web hosting providers don’t support IPV6.

No Windows VPS: There is room for the people who looking for Windows VPS. The digitalocean is only offering Linux VPS. So stay away from DigitalOcean if you are looking for Windows VPS

No Voice or Chat support: You can’t go to DigitalOcean website and chat with a representative for any issues, as well as there is no number to dial to get your problem resolved.

Not Managed VPS : DigitalOcean doesn’t offer managed VPS where as there are so many VPS providers who offer Managed VPS. DigitalOcean having handy guides to manage VPS though it will be time consuming to understand the management if you are a newbie.

Conclusion: DigitalOcean Review

I hope I have covered all the aspects of digitalocean cloud VPS and I spent hours of time to compile this detailed review. I have listed all the pros and cons of digitalocean VPS hosting here with explanation. From my point of view, the digitalocean provides one of the great service that anyone can give a try. They are really cheap and provides quality service for personal and business purpose. I always love to hear your opinion on digitalocean cloud servers. Don’t forget to share your experience with digitalocean VPS hosting through comments. For more hosting offers check out HostingFlows.


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